What Is a Turbo and How Can It Benefit Your Car?

What Is a Turbo and How Can It Benefit Your Car?

A turbo is something that is becoming more and more common in newer cars, but what is it and how can it benefit your vehicle? Basically, a turbo is used to gain more power while keeping the displacement of the engine low. This means you can maintain fuel efficiency while still having the power you need. Many vehicle manufacturers are looking for ways to increase fuel efficiency and also increase power levels, and turbo is the perfect answer. Tremont Auto Service Repair deals with turbo all the time and through our Auto Service Repair in Peabody, Massachusetts, we can help you maintain and even install it.

Here is how a turbo works:

  • Air Compression: A turbo is an air compressor. It uses the exhaust gases from your vehicle to spin a turbine which forces more air into the engine. The more air that is put in your engine, the more power it will produce. This means you can produce power figures in small four cylinder engines with relative ease. The best part is you can still maintain some pretty good fuel consumption, unlike a large V8 which has the power but also drinks down fuel.

  • Tuning: For vehicles that come with a turbo stock, you do not have to worry about tuning, unless you want to crank up the power, of course. However, if your vehicle does not come with a turbo, this is something you need to consider. Typically, the first thing you need is a programmable computer for the engine. This will allow you to adjust the air fuel ratios. Since the turbo is forcing large amounts of air into the engine, without a tune up the computer will not know what to do. This can cause the engine to damage itself beyond repair. With a tune up, you can ensure the vehicle knows exactly how much fuel to put in for a safe operation.

A turbo is a great thing to get if you are looking to produce more power without killing the daily drivability of the vehicle. If you want to find out more about our Auto Service near Massachusetts and what we are capable of doing for you, please feel free to visit our website at www.tremontautoservice.com today.

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