The Basics of Car Maintenance

The Basics of Car Maintenance

Owning a car can be a liberating experience because it gives you the ability to go where you want, when you want. However, your car can only help you if you take care of it. In order to keep a car maintained, there are several things for you to consider, and if you are not handy with vehicles, Tremont Auto Service Repair can provide the Auto Service Repair in Peabody, Massachusetts that you need. Here is what you have to keep in mind when maintaining your car:

  • Change the Oil: One of the most basic but critical things that you have to do when maintaining your car is keeping the oil changed. The oil in the engine is responsible for keeping the moving parts within the motor lubricated. Without oil, the parts can easily get damaged and even cause the engine to blow apart. Thus, this simple task is vital to the operation of the vehicle. Keeping your oil changed regularly is a simple task and we can handle it for you. Check with the automotive manufacturer of your vehicle on oil change intervals.
  • Change the Tires: The only thing making contact with the road is your tires; thus, it is pretty important to not only use high-quality tires but to also change them when they are getting worn out. Tires that are worn out will not provide the traction your vehicle needs to safely traverse our streets; thus, check your tread regularly and swap out your tires when needed. When purchasing tires, only purchase and install in pairs or have the complete set done.
  • Coolant: The coolant in your vehicle is used to keep the engine cool and within optimal operating temperatures. Without the use of coolant, your engine will overheat quickly and could cause irreparable damage. Normally, you do not have to worry about your coolant, but checking it every once in a while to ensure that it is still full is a good idea. However, you may want to change your coolant around every sixty thousand miles.

If you take care of your car, your car will take care of you. It is not difficult to maintain a car, just keep up with the maintenance items and treat it well. Our Auto Mechanics are also highly trained and will ensure that your vehicle is in good hands as well, just visit our website at to find out more now.

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