Improving the Power of Your Vehicle


Feel like your vehicle is underpowered? There are many things you can do to squeeze out more horsepower from your engine, regardless what car or motor you have. Typically, the basic things that most people do to improve the performance of their vehicle are to install a new exhaust, add a better intake, even change out their exhaust manifold with a good set of performance headers. These modifications will not only make your vehicle run better but it can breathe some new life into your vehicle.

Also, these modifications do require extensive knowledge of your vehicle. If you feel like you do not have the skill required then Tremont Auto Service Repair has the Auto Mechanics you need to turn your vehicle into a performance machine.

  • The Basics: Installing bolt-on modifications to the engine is a basic task. Parts are installed by simply bolting it to the motor. This can include an exhaust system, an intake system, and headers. These are usually the first modifications people go for when they want to add a few more horsepower to their rides. There are many different parts available, so you can truly make your car your own.
  • Advanced Modifications: If you feel like the bolt-on modifications are simply not adding as much power as you would like, then you may want to consider some more advanced options. The next step people typically go toward is adding a turbo or supercharger to their motor. However, depending on the engine your vehicle has, you may need to change the internals such as the pistons and rods to accommodate the extra power. Otherwise, you will be searching for professional Auto Service Repair in Peabody, Massachusetts.
  • Tuning: If you decide to add a turbo or supercharger to your vehicle, then you will need to make sure it is tuned properly. This means adjusting the air and fuel ratios. If you keep them at stock levels, the engine could lean out. This means the engine will not get enough fuel and this could cause catastrophic damage to the engine. Through tuning, it is possible to squeeze out large numbers from your vehicle and completely transform it into a beast.

That is just some of the basic things to consider if you are interested in improving the power of your ride. If you are interested in learning more or if you need mechanical assistance, please head over to our website today.

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