How to Get More Power from Your Vehicle

How to Get More Power from Your Vehicle

Are you interested in squeezing out some extra horsepower from your car? There are several ways that you can do that, but they can be broken up into two different segments. You can go either to the all motor route or choose forced induction. Both segments have their pros and cons but they both provide unlimited fun. So when your car is feeling a little bit too slow for your taste, Tremont Auto Service Repair has the Auto Services near Massachusetts that you need! Here is what you can do to improve your vehicle’s performance today:

  • More Air: Basically, the more air that you put into your engine, the more power it is going to create. Thus, modifications such as forced inductions like a turbo can add immense amounts of power but this can be expensive. Some more affordable ways to increase the airflow into your vehicle is through different air filters, as well as relocating them to more efficient locations within the vehicle.

  • Forced Induction: There are two different kinds of forced induction, turbos, and superchargers. A supercharger uses pulleys in order to force more air into the engine, while a turbo uses exhaust gases to spin a turbine that compresses the air going into the motor for more power. Both are great options to go with when deciding on improving your vehicle performance. A supercharger offers a linear power band, while a turbo usually has all of its power near the top of your power band. The turbo is usually the more common option due to the flexibility that it offers. They are fairly simple to tune and adapt to your specific applications, and they can be cheaper to install as well.

  • Power isn’t everything: When you want to improve the performance of your vehicle, it is vital to remember that power is not everything. You can have a thousand horsepower, but if you do not have the supporting mods to back it up, it will be useless. If you are going to add more power to your car, you have to consider upgrading your brakes and suspension. You can also use better tires, upgrade your cooling system, and the list goes on. These are the modifications that are going to allow you to use every horsepower your car has.

It can be a fun journey upgrading your car, because is it really your car until you put your own twist on it. Allow our Auto Service Repair in Peabody, Massachusetts to create a car that is unique to you by visiting our website at today.

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