Choosing the Best Oil for Your Car

Choosing the Best Oil for Your Car

One of the most important maintenance items of any car is the oil. The oil is used to lubricate the moving parts within the engine to allow smooth and normal operation, but you cannot just use any kinds oil. You need to figure out the best oil for not only your vehicle but also for your climate. There are a number of aspects to keep in mind of. Here are a few important pointers to help you determine the best oil for your vehicle the next time you need Auto Service Near Massachusetts:

  • The Labels: The first thing to consider when choosing oil is the label. The label contains all the information you need regarding the oil. However, unless you know what the numbers mean, it can be difficult to determine the proper oil. You may notice a number such as 10w-30. So what does it mean? Well, this determines the temperature and viscosity of the oil. The first number is the temperature and the “w” actually means “winter”. The second number is the thickness or viscosity of the oil.

  • Temperature and Viscosity: The temperature rating of the oil is very important to keep in mind when deciding what oil to use for your car or truck. Basically, thicker oil is generally better as it provides more lubrication and seals better compared to thinner oil but this all depends on your climate. If you live in a cold place or if it is winter, then you will want to use thinner oil as thicker oil can cause more resistance in the cold and even prevent the engine from working properly. So you will want to choose an oil with a lower temperature rating such as 5w as opposed to 20w. In warmer climates, you will want to use a higher rating such as 20w instead of 5w. The second number is the thickness once the oil has been warmed up.

  • Type: When browsing for oil you may notice that there are three types available: synthetic, semi-synthetic, and conventional. Each kind of oil has its pros and cons and some people will swear by one type over the other. Basically, you will want to use the oil your car came with from the factory but if you are unsure what that is, semi-synthetic is always a good choice. Basically, synthetic oils last longer and have better additives that improve lubrication. While cleaning the engine, older engines may not benefit as much from these as much as newer engines. You can ask your mechanic to provide you a suggestion.

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