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6 Red Flags That Indicate Your Car May Have Problems

Owning a vehicle nowadays is very essential. Unlike the old times, driving your own wheels is no longer a luxury. A good and functional vehicle can get you to places in a shorter span of time. Also, it keeps you comfortable and safe all throughout the journey. But to continue enjoying these car owner perks, … Continue reading

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Improving the Power of Your Vehicle

Feel like your vehicle is underpowered? There are many things you can do to squeeze out more horsepower from your engine, regardless what car or motor you have. Typically, the basic things that most people do to improve the performance of their vehicle are to install a new exhaust, add a better intake, even change … Continue reading

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What to Check Before Going on a Road Trip

If you plan a road trip, there is a number of maintenance items that you will want to check on your vehicle. After all, taking the time to check that everything is buttoned up on your car is a lot better than breaking down a thousand miles from home in the middle of nowhere. These … Continue reading

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Pampering Your Ride: How to Maintain Your Car

When you take care of your car, your car will take care of you. When it comes to its maintenance, there is not much to it. Basically, to keep your car in good condition and on the road, you want to change the oil regularly, keep an eye on your tires, replace brake pads regularly, … Continue reading

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Is Your Car Feeling Sluggish?

Do you feel like your car is not as fast as it was or that it is hesitating when you accelerate? There are a number of reasons that could cause these issues such as: Clogged Air Filter: When it comes down to car problems, you will want to start with the simplest things before moving … Continue reading

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