Alignments: What You Need to Know

An alignment is an important part of regular maintenance. Basically, an alignment is when professional auto mechanics will align your wheels according to factory specs or even your own specs if you have one. Your alignment can actually impact many aspects of your vehicle from your handling to your tire life. Here is what you … Continue reading

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Automotive Troubleshooting: What Is That Clunking Noise?

Noises are usually the first thing that will alert us that something is not working right in our vehicles. This is why it is important to pay attention closely to the way your car sounds when it is running as it should, so when you hear something out of place, you are able to discover … Continue reading

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How to Maintain Your Vehicle: Quick and Easy Tips

Maintaining your vehicle does not have to be expensive or a hassle. Here are some great tips to keep your vehicle in the best shape possible, without breaking the bank: DIY: Learning how to work on your vehicle is always a good idea. Not only is it fun to wrench on a vehicle, it can … Continue reading

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Choosing the Best Oil for Your Car

One of the most important maintenance items of any car is the oil. The oil is used to lubricate the moving parts within the engine to allow smooth and normal operation, but you cannot just use any kinds oil. You need to figure out the best oil for not only your vehicle but also for … Continue reading

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Improving the Power of Your Vehicle

Feel like your vehicle is underpowered? There are many things you can do to squeeze out more horsepower from your engine, regardless what car or motor you have. Typically, the basic things that most people do to improve the performance of their vehicle are to install a new exhaust, add a better intake, even change … Continue reading

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