Automotive Troubleshooting: What Is That Clunking Noise?

Automotive Troubleshooting: What Is That Clunking Noise?

Noises are usually the first thing that will alert us that something is not working right in our vehicles. This is why it is important to pay attention closely to the way your car sounds when it is running as it should, so when you hear something out of place, you are able to discover the problem quickly and get it sorted out. There are many different kinds of sounds that your vehicle could make and they could be related to an assortment of issues.

One of the most common sounds that signify an issue is clunking. There are several causes for a clunking noise. There is where you can do simple DIY tests to educate yourself on what the problem could be before going to an auto service near Massachusetts.

  • Bumps: If you notice that your vehicle is only making a clunking noise when your car passes through bumps on the road, then this could mean your shocks and struts are worn or defective. This is due to their inability to provide a dampening effect on your vehicle. You can test this by rocking the vehicle back and forth or up and down. If the vehicle is easy to shake or comes up slowly, then you will want to have the shocks checked. Clunking on bumps could also be caused by bad ball joints.

  • Turning: If you notice a clunking noise when you turn, then this could mean your CV joints are going out. In order to determine which CV joint is bad, you can do a simple test. Find a large and open area, put your car into reverse, and drive in a circle. If your CV joints are bad, you will hear popping or clunking.

  • Steering While Parked: If you hear a clunking noise when moving the wheel while stationary, the problem could be your strut mounts. Over time, they can wear out or they may not be tightened down all the way. This causes them to rotate while you steer the vehicle. This is bad because it can put excessive strain on your entire steering system.

Those are a few things to keep an ear out for when driving your car. Tremont Auto Service Repair offers superb auto service repair in Peabody, Massachusetts that can help get your car back on the road if you experience any problems at all. We will also go in-depth with our troubleshooting to help you determine the problem and to solve potential problems before it is too late.

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