Alignments: What You Need to Know

Alignments: What You Need to Know

An alignment is an important part of regular maintenance. Basically, an alignment is when professional auto mechanics will align your wheels according to factory specs or even your own specs if you have one. Your alignment can actually impact many aspects of your vehicle from your handling to your tire life. Here is what you should know about alignments and why you need to get them:

  • The Basics: When aligning your wheels, there are many different kinds of adjustments that can be done in order to achieve the intended specs. The caster, camber, toe, and thrust are all adjusted. This is done through precise measurements either through accurate measuring tools or advanced computers.

    • Caster: The caster is the angle of the steering pivot point from the back to the front of your vehicle. If your caster is positive, your wheel will be closer to the front of the vehicle. If the caster is negative, it will be closer to the rear.

    • Camber: The camber is the angle of the top and bottom of the wheels. For example, positive camber would cost the top of the wheel to lean away from the car and negative camber will cause the top of the wheel to lean towards the car.

    • Toe: The toe is the direction the wheels are pointed at. Toe in will make the wheels point in towards each other like an arrow and toe-out is where the wheels will be pointed away from each other like the letter “v”.

  • Life of Components: It is important to regularly have your alignment checked and adjusted. If your alignment is off, this can reduce the life of many of your suspension components through excessive strain. Your wallet will also experience a strain due to the shortened lifespan of your tires because they will eventually have to be replaced before you’re financially ready.

  • Handling: If you are looking for a car that can get you to point A to point B reliably, then sticking with the factory specifications is all you need. However, if you want to improve the handling characteristics of your vehicle, there are a whole range of things you can do. Adjusting the camber can help give you more traction when cornering at speed, adjusting your caster can help improve self-steering, and adjusting your toe can help improve stability at certain speeds. There is no limit to what you can do and with a large selection of aftermarket parts; it is possible to transform your car’s ability to corner.

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