6 Red Flags That Indicate Your Car May Have Problems


Owning a vehicle nowadays is very essential. Unlike the old times, driving your own wheels is no longer a luxury. A good and functional vehicle can get you to places in a shorter span of time. Also, it keeps you comfortable and safe all throughout the journey. But to continue enjoying these car owner perks, you have to be a personal car owner yourself.

How to become a car owner? A question that is most likely to garner multifaceted answers. However, one thing is certain – you must know some basic car care practices. Otherwise, your car will not be able to live its expected useful life.

But before you learn basic car repair tricks, you must know how to spot when your car is in bad shape. Because Tremont Auto Service Repair is your friendly provider of Auto Service Repair in Peabody, Massachusetts, this blog post will serve as a mini-tutorial. Listed below are common signs that your car is already in need of help:

  • Warning signals.
    If you are driving a manual car dated from eons ago, ditch this number and proceed with the next items. As for smart car users, be very keen on signals that your car is showing you. Usually, these signals are shown on the dashboard. They are the ones that repeatedly blink or are colored red. Icons will be shown to signify the specific car parts that require attention.

  • Steam.
    This occurs when the car can no longer contain its internal temperature. Most of the times, the problem lies within the radiator. If the issue is in that area, the best thing to do is to refill the water tank mixed with some appropriate coolant.

  • Smoke.
    Have you noticed that your car smoke emission is blacker than ever? Before you get ticketed, better get those tubes cleaned up. If that part is not cleaned immediately, it may affect the overall performance of the vehicle and lead to greater damages.

  • Noise.
    After driving in a while, you will get used to the usual sound of your engine. But after ignition, your car sounded differently, better pull up the hood. Check on the cylinders and other engine parts. A piston may be significantly busted. An immediate replacement can be necessary. But for not so serious scenarios, some nuts may have just been turned loose. A simple readjustment will fix things in no time.

  • Smell.
    Most people really like the smell of gasoline, but if you smell it too often even if your car is running, it may signify a potential gasoline leak. This applies to other machine fluids as well. Another thing is rubber. Sniffing that plastic-like odor may be a sign that some belts are busted or loosened up.

You will never know when your car will require Auto Mechanics help, better get Tremont Auto Service Repair’s address! Our shop is located at 97 Tremont St., Peabody, Massachusetts 01960.

From simple car maintenance to complicated part replacements, we will deliver your needs with utmost precision!

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