5 Most Common Mistakes New Drivers Commit in Handling Their Cars

5 Most Common Mistakes New Drivers Commit in Handling Their Cars

Maintaining a car is akin to raising a child. You have to spend some money, time, and effort to keep it up and running. This explains the doting behavior of several car owners toward their beloved vehicles. But usually, that happens to experienced car owners. Sadly, for newer car owners, they tend to display a higher degree of nonchalance towards the sorry vehicles.

Probably, the degree of disinterest of new car owners towards car maintenance is caused by their ignorance in regards to that matter. Also, they might think that they still have the mandatory car insurance; any sort of trouble will be solved without them being hassled. But if you are a first time car owner and you are reading this post, beware. Car maintenance is a very important skill to learn.

To mention a few, Tremont Auto Service Repair listed some of the most common mistakes new car owners do with their vehicles:

  • “Fixing it” yourself.

    In times when your car meets some abnormalities, it is never recommended to fix it yourself if you do not have the sufficient expertise. Fixing a car is not just about opening up the hood and swiping off some grease from oil tubes. There is actual science behind that. Car mechanics underwent some sort of training and exposure to know what they are doing.

  • Forgetting to turn off the headlights.

    When driving, especially at night time, you really have to turn on the headlights, otherwise, you will not be able to see the road clearly and you will not be giving sufficient illumination to warn other cars that will come your way. However, it is very easy to forget turning it off when you finally arrive home. Note, unturned headlights can drain your car batteries after just a few hours.

  • Putting the wrong chemicals.

    Certain car oils go to specific engine tubes. Mismatching one from the other may cause serious trouble for your engine. A good way to avoid this is by memorizing every significant car parts. Also, it cannot hurt to be meticulous with car oil labels. For sure, the type of oil is clearly printed on the container.

  • Attempting to jumpstart a car.

    Jumpstarting a car without any proper knowledge and orientation will not only pose threats to the car’s well-being but to you as well. A simple circuit mismatch can electrocute you to death.

  • Not changing car tires.

    Change car tires when recommended. Stack at least one spare car tire every time you drive out as well.

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